Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Compact logic probe with pulser

Logic probe is an essential item for digital electronic fault findings and constructions. In this project we design compact and simple logic probe with digital pulse generator. This circuit is based on 4069 logic inverter and 7805 voltage regulator. In this design we use 4069 invert module to drive the LED of logic probe and to build the oscillator circuit.

We use TO-92 style of 7805 regulator to drive the 4069 chip and entire circuit can be build around 2.5cm x 12cm PCB (if you need to reduce the size in to more, use the SMD version of 4069 and 7805)

All the resistors are 1/8w and SMD versions are also acceptable.

To change the period of pulser modify C1 or/and R2.

Complete schematic of digital logic probe with pulser is available to download in here.

1.5A - 3V to 27V adjustable power supply using LM723

In this project we developed 1.5A, 3V to 27V adjustable power supply unit based on LM723 voltage regulator IC. In this project we add some additional options to standard LM723 PSU circuit (available from National Semiconductors) to improve the safety and performance.

When assembling the circuit it is necessary to attach suitable heat sinks to both 2N3055 transistors. Single heat sink for both 2N3055 are also acceptable.

According to the initial design R8 must be 0.39ohms (5W), but most of the people say it is bit difficult to get 0.39ohms locally (Sri Lanka) so I change value of R8 to 0.47ohms (5W) and it is available in local market.

During the testings and usage this system produce an excellent results for us. Complete circuit diagram of the power supply unit is available to download in here.