Friday, January 25, 2013

Simple ATmega325 Development Board

This post is about simple Atmega325 development board which I was designed and build to test some large AVR systems. This development board contains ATmega325 MCU and MAX232 base RS232 driver/receiver unit. Thanks to SMD packages and components dimensions of this board get limited to 85mm × 62mm. This development board requires 5V external power supply and all its external circuitries (RS232 driver and hardware CPU reset) can be enable/disable through on-board jumpers.

ATmega325 Development Board

PCB design of this development board supports only for ATmega325 - TQFP64 package and MAX232 - SO16L package. This ATmega325 Development Board is release as an open hardware project and all its design files are available to download at google drive.