Friday, May 24, 2013

Easy to Build Adjustable Dual-Rail PSU

Adjustable dual-rail power supply is an essential utility for analog electronic experiments. In this post we illustrate extremely simple, adjustable dual-rail power supply using LM317 and LM337 voltage regulators ICs. This PSU delivers 2A ±1.35V to ±18.5V output and thanks to 3 turn linear potentiometers output can be adjustable up to 2nd decimal point.

Wiring diagram of dual-rail PSU

The PCB of the PSU is simple to design and compact (65mm × 50mm). Both LM317 and LM337 need at least 60mm × 55mm or larger heat sinks (and both of these heat sinks need to be electrically isolated).

The PCB and schematic of this PSU is available to download at here.