Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Yet another CXA1191 FM radio receiver

This is simple, but very high quality CXA1191S based FM radio receiver system. In this design we use Sony CXA1191S as FM tuner and TDA2003 as an audio amplifier. This receiver system is designed to work with 12V DC power source and it delivers approximately 6W audio output power (with 4Ω speaker load).

The core component of this receiver system is CXA1191 FM radio IC, and for this design we use 30 pin version of CXA1191 (which is known as CXA1191S) because its commonly available in electronic component shops (and in eBay). Due to less availability of IF transformers we did not use any IF transformers in this design, and only the FM section is used in the IC. (AM section of the IC is ignored due to unavailability of broadcasting stations in here in Sri Lanka)

Prototype version of CXA1191S FM radio receiver.

Compare with most of the FM radio ICs this CXA1191S receiver offer very good selectivity and higher sensitivity. After adjusting (all inductors and trimmers) we were able to get all FM stations from this receiver with 15cm wire antenna.

PCB is the most recommended way to construct this circuit. Given PCB design is 115mm × 61mm and all PCB and schematic diagrams are available to download at google drive.