Sunday, May 18, 2014

Workshop Organizer - inventory controller for home-workshops

Workshop Organizer is light-weight, cross platform inventory controller for home-workshops. This application is specifically design to manage electronic/electrical components at home-workshops, but it can use to manage other areas of workshop including tools, machinery and mechanical components, etc.

To store data, this application use SQLite database system and all the necessary runtime libraries for SQLite is available with the “Workshop Organizer” package. User may not need to download or install separate SQLite database system to use this application. Workshop Organizer default SQLite database consist with more than 600 reference data including list of manufacturers and types.

Workshop Organizer 1.0 on Windows 8.1 operating system

“Workshop Organizer” is a native mode application and user may not need to install any framework to use this application and compiled binaries are available for both Linux and Windows operating systems. 

All the project source codes and compiled binary packages are available at To get more information check Workshop Organizer homepage.