Friday, September 21, 2012

Project Profile Post - Project Description Suite

Project Profile Post (3P) is an open source XML base project description suite. It it helps authors to provide project descriptions and specifications to online sources in a standard way. 3P project description system is not limited for software projects, it can also applicable for any online project work which include electronic projects, arts, multimedia content, etc.

3PEd - Cross platform tool to edit 3P files

3P files can created through 3PEd. It is a GUI application and available for both Windows and Linux operating systems. 3P files can be open (view) through "3P Viewer". 3P Viewer is a GUI application and it is also available for both  Windows and Linux operating systems.

Initially we create this file format and tools to manage our in-house digital contents and later we plan to release it to general public as a free and open source software product(s). 3P tools are available to download at 3P project page at and it is distribute under the terms of MIT licenses.

In this general public release we add additional component to 3P tool chain and it is known as 3P API. 3P API is a software library to access 3P files. This library is available for both Windows (as DLL) and Linux (as SO) operating systems and it can be access through any programming/scripting language which support dynamically loadable libraries (e.g: C++, Delphi, C#,, etc.). 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shopping with and Aptinex

Last weekend I got chance to visit to Aptinex (Pvt.) Ltd.  Aptinex is a Sri Lankan startup company and they are mainly do Electronic circuit designing, PCB prototyping, mass-production of PCBs, selling electronic components, development kits, etc. In my last visit I order some dsPICs, Atmel ATmega MCUs and some SMD passive parts from them. They have good collection of development kits and programmers which include Arduino, MSP430 base kits, ARM development boards, Altera FPGA kits, etc.

Another interesting thing they have is electro-mechanical parts. They have various kinds of actuator modules, servo mechanisms, gear systems and controllers. I think this is good news to Sri Lankan DIY electronic community, because right now it is bit difficult to get these items in local electronic shops.

According to Aptinex, is there market place. operates in both real and virtual nature. Anyone can order Aptinex products through this site and they have nice and quick delivery system. One interesting feature in this site is “suggest an item” page. As per my discussion with them they don't have minimum order quantity and customers can order “special/rare” parts through them for prototyping purposes also.

I believe this is an excellent opportunity to Sri Lankan DIY electronic community and like to rate there effort with a clear 5 out of 5!

Contact details of and Aptinex are as follows:

LankaTronics Trading (Pvt) Ltd.
34/1, Old Kesbewa Road,
Sri Lanka.

Phone: +94 112 545470
Web: and