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Simple I2S stereo decoder with amplifier

In this project, we build a simple I2S stereo decoder with an amplifier. To decode I2S data we use Princeton TechnologiesPT8211 16bit DAC. KA2206 audio power amplifier is used as the driver stage of this system.

Structure of this I2S amplifier is self-explanatory from the schematic. We select PT8211 and KA2206 combination due to lower cost and availability. Unfortunately, PT8211 DIP package is not available in the local market and we use SO package in our prototype. We design PCB for the DIP packages, and therefore we solder PT8211 SO package to PCB using "SO8 to DIP8" converter.

We design this system to work with 9V DC power source but at the prototyping stages, we noticed that it works well with lower DC voltage such as 5V. For the output use any 8Ω or 4Ω (5W or higher rated) full range speaker pair. We test this with 8Ω 8W oval speakers which are commonly found on televisions.