Sunday, July 21, 2013

Simple High Bright LED Night Light with Dimmer

This is an easy to build "high-bright LED" night light, which I was design and developed in weekend to replace my existing 5W (filament base) night lamp. 

This circuit is mainly based around TL494 PWM driver IC and LM350 - 3A adjustable voltage regulator. The LED used in this project is 9V - 10W high bright LED and this given design is capable to drive maximum of six, 10W LEDs.

Microscopic view of 10W High Bright LED with controlled input

This unit is design to work with 12V to 30V DC power supply and it can withstand for voltage fluctuation around 12V to 35V.

The schematic of this unit is available at under the terms of CERN OSH 1.1 License.