Sunday, May 6, 2012

5V 5A Bench Power Supply

This is a high current 5V bench power supply for digital (and analog) electronic experiments. This power supply is based around National Semiconductor's LM338K positive voltage regulator. Virtually this is an indestructible power supply unit with short-circuit protection and thermal overload protection.

5V 5A Power Supply in ATX Power Supply Casing

In our prototype we assemble entire power supply (including step-down transformer) in an ATX power supply casing. When assembling this power supply take extra care about wirings and mountings. LM338K need proper heat-sink and make sure to mount it closer to the main PCB. While assembling makes sure that all the wirings are in correct order. Improper wiring and/or shot-circuits may leads to critical component failures (including voltage regulator IC and step-down transformer). 

Schematic diagram of this power supply unit is available to download at google drive