Light operated voice messenger

74181 ALU design on Altera MAX II CPLD

Replacement LED driver for AN6877

ZFM-20 fingerprint capture library

Dynamic microphone preamplifier

48V Phantom power supply

DIY resistor box

Low cost TEA5767 based FM stereo radio receiver

Calculator for audio output transformers

USB to 3.3V - 5V serial TTL adapter

Soldering station to drive HAKKO 907 handles

Contactless DTMF switch

UC3844 base motor speed controller

EAGLE BOM generation script

FlashProg - USB serial flash memory programmer

CD2003 - yet another simple FM radio receiver

3A Power supply for USB devices

Low cost DC millivolt source

4 way Stereo Unbalanced Distribution Amplifier

AVR-HV: High voltage programmer for AVR microcontrollers

BFO for SSB Reception

Two transistor superheterodyne shortwave receiver

Simple Telephone Locator Light

SL414 Vintage power amplifier IC

Digital data capture unit with EMF reader

Low power FM stereo transmitter

100W RF dummy load

ImageHide: Digital image based steganography tool

Homebrew Audio Signal Generator