Monday, November 21, 2016

HTML5 Mandelbrot Generator

This quick post is to introduce "HTML5 Mandelbrot Generator", which is simple JavaScript application to generate Mandelbrot set and Julia set fractals in HTML5 complaint web browsers. This application is derived from Mandel source code (which is available at and it covers most of the features available in that original application.

Online version of this HTML5 Mandelbrot Generator is available at Few fractals generated with "HTML5 Mandelbrot Generator" are shown in below:

Mandelbrot and Julia set fractals generated from "HTML5 Mandelbrot Generator".

All the source code of this application are available to download at under the terms of MIT Licenses.

Monday, November 7, 2016

100W AF dummy load

This is a quick post to showcase 100W 4 channel AF dummy load which we build to test the output stages of audio power amplifiers. This dummy load use 4, 8Ω 100W wire wound resistors which are available in eBay. In this unit all 4 resistors are mounted on 170mm × 40mm × 60mm high gauge aluminum heat sink.

Prototype version of 100W AF dummy load.

It costs LKR1200 to build this unit and most expensive component in this unit are wire wound resistors. At the time of writing this 100W resistor packs are available in eBay for USD $6.00.