Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Calculator for audio output transformers

Audio output transformers are heavily used in vacuum tube and some (older) transistor base audio power amplifiers, but these days output transformer are quiet hard to find and expensive item. For homebrew projects the best option is to construct those transformers by ourselves and this script helps to calculate winding parameters for those transformers.

This "AF output transformer calculator" script is written using Python and it works with most of the commonly available Python interpreters. The script is available to download at google drive under the terms of GNU General Public License version 3.0.

Homebrewed 25k : 4 output transformer

Once supplied the input parameters this script provide winding ratio, number of turns required for primary and secondary winding and required copper wire gauges for both primary and secondary windings, etc.

We construct several AF output transformers based on results of this script, which including transformers for Mullard 7W and 10W power amplifiers, several 6N6C/6V6GT and 6L6G based power amplifiers, etc.
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