Friday, February 6, 2009

Prithvi Development Studio for PIC Microcontrollers

Prithvi Development Studio is my new project to build an IDE for GCBASIC – PIC Programming language. Prithvi is developed using Borland Delphi 7 programming language and currently it supports over 300 PIC Microcontroller devices.

This IDE is based on GCBasic, and GPUtils, so users can directly produce hex files from Basic source code without using any 3rd party tools. (e.g: without using Microchip’s MPLAB - ASM).

Current version of Prithvi Development Studio supports wide range of PIC 10F, 12x, 16x and 18x devices and Prithvi Development Studio also ship with wide range of GCBasic support libraries such as X10, LCD, ADC, RS232, USART, EEPROM, etc.

Current version of Prithvi Development Studio has following features,

  • Source code editor with syntax highlighting
  • Intermediate code (Assembler), Hex code viewer
  • Automatic completion, suggestions and parameter information
  • Installable library system
  • Project manager and source explorer to speed up the development process
  • Inbuilt help viewer
  • To-Do list editor
  • User configurable programmer and tools section

Prithvi is an Open Source Free Software project and it is based on MIT Open Source License. You can download Prithvi Development Studio from
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