Monday, June 1, 2009

Finding electronic parts and instruments in Sri Lanka

Most of the times finding the electronic parts in Sri Lanka is (extremely) difficult process. Lots of electronic part suppliers have fast-moving electronic parts only. (such as general resistors, capacitors, semiconductor devices related to the Hi-Fis, TVs and general consumer electronic products, etc.) For my electronic experiments I'm getting most of these “uncommon” electronic parts from following suppliers,

Farnell : Farnell is my "number one" choice for most of the “uncommon” electronic parts and instruments, specially semiconductor devices and test instruments. Compared with other suppliers there prices are bit high but also had a nice service and higher reliability. Most (all ?) of there parts are coming from reliable and popular vendors. Most interesting thing is “There are no minimum order quantity levels in there orders”, which means I can order 1 unit of electronic part from them.

Orel Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd.

Bay: 12-13.Trace Expert City,
Tripoli Square, Maradana Road,
Colombo 10.

Tel: (941) 0114 792 103
Fax: (941) 0115 376 678

Silvertones Ltd : Silvertones is one the oldest electronic part supplier in Sri Lanka and they also have good collection of electronic parts. Most of the Silvertones parts are coming from branded electronic part manufactures, due to this reason some of there parts are bit expensive than standard once.

Silvertones Ltd

132 Vauxhall Street
Colombo 2
Sri Lanka.

Tel: +112 436141, 2 335634

DigiKey : Digikey is one of the world's largest electronic component supplier and unfortunately there are no any local agents for DigiKey. I brought some hard to find electronic parts from them via online and there service is also excellent. Only problem in DigiKey is it's higher shipping and handling charges.


Other than these local/international suppliers eBay have several electronic part suppliers. Most of them sell lot of rare semiconductors and other electronic components. Most of these eBay suppliers ship parts with free of charge and they are not much expensive as DigiKey or Farnell.


uSeFuL said...

This is good info man. Cheers!!!

Anonymous said...

this is useful..thanks

Ranil said...

Thanks a lot, this is really useful.

Anonymous said...

hey Dilshan ,I looked for IC named KT3170 which is DTMF converter.But I couldn't get it found. Plz help me..

eagle said...

Thanks for your information

Rangana Peiris said...

You can buy electronic components including microcontrollers and modules from Aptinex. They are a Sri Lankan company and they also do professional PCB manufacturing. They have a online shipping cart LankaTronics (

I worked with them for many years and highly satisfied with the product quality.

You can find contact details from

Kenny Dematagoda said...

If you still searching for KT3170 you can use CM8870PI similar IC & commonly available @ 1st cross street.

Already test a circuit using CM8880PI & it's working fine, you can view the circuit & post via,

mubarak said...

valuable service.thanks

micheal john said...

nice article on Electronics Parts .thanks for sharing.

Aptinex Sri Lanka said...

LankaTronics is a nice electronic webshop for Sri Lankans. Have a look at


power electronicsindia said...

Sri lanka people can easily get Electronic Componentsin India right because its very near place ..

keshara said...

good topic. it helped me a lot. thanks,,,,,

Adrian said...

Hi i am looking for an IC TA75557S to buy in Sri Lanka. IF anyone can guid me or find it for me i will greatly appreaciate.

Thank you.

Anonymous said... is also another Sri Lankan site that sells electronic components they also have a facebook page

Chaminda Hermal said...

We sell rare hard to find electronic components for the last 10 years.

You may have a dialog with us to understand each other.

Once we know the expectation of you, we may quote for your requirements.
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Marcel Bouman said...

Are there more local franchise distributors in Sri Lsnka?

Chaminda Hermal said...

Yes, we have authorizations from the world leaders in distribution of electronic components.
Let us know what you search to buy to have a comprehensive quotation from us.

Chaminda Hermal Karunanayake, Director- Hyperjet Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
No. 42, Cameron Place, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.

Tel : + 94 71 4483923, Fax : + 94 11 2394666
skype name : chamindahermal, E Mail :

Dinushka Madu said...

Do you know a place to buy an oscilloscope?

Dilshan Jayakody said...

Most of the times I purchase test instruments from Farnell. (Orel Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.) This place is highly recommended for professional grade test instruments.

northstarmicroelectronics said...

Really a nice information shared by you,thanks !