Thursday, July 23, 2009

Low Cost and High Quality Stereo FM Radio Receiver

In this project we build CXA1619BS base high performance FM stereo radio receiver using low cost and readily available electronic components. In this design we use CXA1619 as FM radio receiver and BA1320 as FM stereo decoder and LA4108 as power amplifier.

When building the circuit it is highly recommended to build it using the print circuit board (PCB) and take some necessary steps to reduce the effects of external interferences.

In this design we use BA1320 as stereo decode and user can also use BA1330 with this circuit with some less amount of input voltage. (For example: +5V) We use BA1320 for this design because of its low cost, low complexity, higher channel separation and higher availability.

In current design we use LA4108 as power amplifier and it delivers 6W x 2 output power at 8ohm load.

While assembling the circuit make sure to apply suitable heat-sinks to both 7805 voltage regulator and LA4108 power amplifier.

At the testing stages this circuit produces excellent results and fewer amounts of issues in tuning. Anyone can tune this circuit without using signal generator and oscilloscope.

It is recommended to provide 7V to 12V of supply voltage to this circuit and at the testing stages we use 8.0V PSU with this circuit.

Circuit diagram and assembling notes of this circuit is available in google drive.

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