Tuesday, November 17, 2009

20W Hi-Fi Audio Power Amplifier

TDA2030 is most popular, high quality - low cost audio power amplifier and successive version of TDA2006. Typically TDA2030 deliver 14W in 24V with 4&#8486 output load and 8W in 8&#8486 output load. Because of it’s wider power bandwidth (10Hz to 140 kHz) and extremely small amount of distortion (0.1% - 0.5%), TDA2030 deliver excellent sound quality with higher performance. In this project we design basic version of TDA2030 mono power amplifier for general use and its design to work with 9V – 24V (500mA) Power Supply Unit.

When building the circuit it is recommended to use PCB design and its important to attach suitable heat-sink to the TDA2030. In this design it is not necessary to have electrical isolation between the IC and the heat-sink.

To get the complete circuit diagrams and PCB designs (Eagle) please check the google drive.
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