Monday, December 7, 2009

Mini Sudoku for Windows

Sudoku is one of my favorite games and in this project we developed small computer program to play and solve Sudoku puzzles in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Like all of my other computer programs this project is also hosted in with open source – free software license (Under the terms and conditions of GNU General Public License Version 3).

This project is developed using Borland C++ and it had following general features,

  • Sudoku Game Panel with multiple user profiles
  • Support custom board styles
  • Auto-play options for all the predefine and user specified puzzles
  • Minimize to tray option
  • Three game play levels (as easy, intermediate and hard)
  • Easy to add any number of custom puzzles

Latest version of Mini Sudoku is available to download at and at Mini Sudoku Ohloh project page.

To modify this project user need to use Borland C++Builder 6, NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Installer) and Adobe Photoshop (or any other image editor which is capable to modify Photoshop psd files).
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