Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Homemade ADSL Splitter

Nowadays DSL splitter is a common unit in telecommunication and it is used by most of the ADSL users to obtain the maximum performance of the connectivity. Technically DSL splitter is an analog LPF (low pass filter) which is used to prevent interferences between analog telephone device(s) and DSL support units.

In this project we describe how to build miniature ADSL splitter at home with grater simplicity and with minimum amount of cost. To build this unit user need to use few generic components which include pairs of 330┬ÁH inductors and 1R resistors, 0.0033MFD capacitor and three units of RJ11 PCB connectors.

We successfully test this splitter with our local ADSL connection and it gives equal performance of commercial DSL splitter.

The complete schematic and PCB diagram (Eagle) of this ADSL splitter is available to download at google drive
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