Wednesday, December 26, 2012

LEDShoot - Electronic LED Shooting Game

LEDShoot is a simple electronic shooting game which we developed in a year end vacation period. This is a single player electronic game with following game play logic:

There are two fighting groups are exists in this game world. RED group is an enemy group and GREENs are friendly parties. Player’s job is to shoot the RED group(s) when they appear on the stage. Player gets limited time to shoot and misfires are treated as negative points. When player get 100 points game get end with winning message.

This electronic game system is mainly based on ATmega32 MCU and firmware is developed using GCC C (with Atmel Studio 6.0). This system is design to work with 5V - 1.5A power supply unit.

We developed this system as a hobby project and we construct it on a couple of breadboards, at the moment we don’t have any PCB design for this project.

When assembling the circuit make sure to use some heavy-duty push button for (SL2) control key. For (SL1) use 8Ω - 1W (60mm) speaker. LED19 indicate the "audio-mute" status of the system and player can toggle it by pressing the S2 push button.

This project is release as an open hardware project and all the source codes, schematic diagrams and compiled binaries are available to download at google drive. All the project source codes are released under the terms of GNU General Public License 3.0. Project schematic diagrams and EAGLE project files are released under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.
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