Monday, February 4, 2013

PT2399 base Echo Sound Effect Generator

This is an easy to build high quality echo sound generator and it’s completely based on Princeton Technology’s PT2399 echo sound IC. This supplied circuit is specifically design to interface with electronic musical instruments (e.g: electronic audio synthesizers, electronic organs, etc.) and with microphone systems.

This echo sound effect generator requires 12V - 25V DC power supply and it can deliver aprox. 20W output power (with 8Ω speaker and 20V - 5A DC power supply). This given design of echo sound generator has 3 main controls, such as echo delay adjustment, echo-effect mixer and master volume control. This delay and mixing ratio is heavily depended on input source.

Output of C1 note with maximum and minimum echo effects

At the testing stage we test this system with lot of input sources. According to our experiments this system can product good results with slow speed music and it produce excellent results with the voices. When it comes to high speed music (with maximum delay and mix levels) output seems to be bit noisy and distorted.

The complete schematic, PCB design, sample output files and output graphs of this system are available to download at google drive. Please note that this supplied PCB is not tested by us, if you find any mistakes or have some suggestions about PCB design please drop us a mail.
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