Tuesday, December 24, 2013

DIY 3W constant current LED driver

This is quick post about 3W constant current LED driver which I was design to combine with some homemade furniture piece. The main components of this system is LM311 voltage comparator and IRF9540 P-Channel MOSFET.

Schematic of 3W LED driver module

This module is design to drive maximum of two 3W high power LEDs and it requires 8V - 10V DC (500mA) power source. In this given configuration this module may not need any heat-sink (for IRF9540) and consume maximum of 500mA of power.

Breadboard version of 3W LED driver

At prototyping stages we test this module using 9V DC (1A) power supply with two 3W LEDs (EDEX-3LA1-E1). I developed final version of this module using piece of strip-board and PCB design is not done.
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