Friday, January 10, 2014

Extended Run dialog box for Windows

When it comes to Windows operating systems I highly addicted to the "Run" dialog box. Technically, to me it functions like a single-line command line interface. From Windows 95 to Windows 8.1, layout and the functionalists of "Run" dialog box is quiet identical.

To extend the functionalists of "Run" dialog box we did some project call "QRun". The main purpose of QRun is to provide more convenient user-interface to existing Windows "Run" dialog box.

QRun window with Action menu entries
The key feature of QRun is its menu driven command and resource selector. This menu driven interface help end user to perform actions by without memorizing commands and/or parameters. Another feature of QRun is its macro commands. Using this feature end user can create custom actions for run dialog box.

Other than above features QRun also had inbuilt support for win-bash. Because of this feature end user may be able to run GNU bash related commands directly from the run dialog box. 

Once installed in a system, user can open QRun by navigating over start menu/screen OR by pressing Shift + WinKey + R key combinations.

QRun is an open source free software project and it is distributed under the terms of MIT license. Latest version of QRun is available to download at Details about manual installations, compiling and configuring of QRun are available at
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