Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Digital data capture unit with EMF reader

This is PIC16F73 base digital data capture unit with optional EMF reader. This data capture utility is design to work with most of the analog sensor inputs and by default it is equipped with EMF reader module. This unit use PIC16F73's internal 8bit ADC to capture the analog signals.

EMF reader unit in this schematic is useful to detect variations of EM field in environment and it is mainly build around uA741 operational amplifier and 12mH detector coil. Normally EMF meters are used to trace electric wires, find hidden transmitters, and diagnose electric wiring problems (and to find ghosts too ☻).

Sample reading from EMF detector when mobile phone is ringing

This digital data capture unit can operate in 2 modes. In first mode it directly convert analog signal into digital data and transferred to host via serial interface. In second mode it display captured signal in 5 LED bar graph either slow or high speed capture modes.

This unit is design to work with 5V 500mA power source and to get optional EMF readings it is highly recommended to use battery with regulator to drive this system.

This is an OSHW project and all the schematics, compiled software binaries and source codes are available to download at google drive.
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