Sunday, February 7, 2016

Musical trees

"Musical trees" is a part of creative arts installation and this project is capable to produce different audio tones by detecting human touch to its attached plants. Existing version of this driver is capable to monitor 8 plants and produce different sounds for each plant.

Prototype version of "Magic Tree" project with 2 plant samples.

This project is build around PIC16F628A 8-bit microcontroller and PT2399 echo processor IC. To drive the sensor electrodes we use pair of CD4011 quad 2-input NAND gate ICs. This prototype use TDA7052 1W audio amplifier IC to drive the speaker(s).

The existing firmware of PIC16F628A is designed to produce tones in between 155Hz to 1244Hz and this range can be change by modifying the supplied firmware source code. In this design PT2399 echo processor IC is used to get more natural (/ deep) sound effect by adding some reverberation to the output.

Schematic and firmware of this project is available to download at google drive.

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