Friday, June 6, 2008

My PIC16F73 base Digital Alarm Clock

In last two months I developed some electronic devices using Microchip microcontrollers. First device is an electronic alarm clock using PIC16F73 and 4060 timer chip. This clock has 2 programmable alarms and it is working successfully in last two months continually.

I design this alarm clock using CMOS chips; due to the fact that power consumption is very low and may be able to operate with 3 penlight batteries. At the moment this device is working with mains power (230V AC) and has battery backup facility.

Size of the entire device is 11x11x4 cm.

As shown by the photograph device have 3 push buttons and 1 SPDT slide switch. These push buttons are used for,

  • Alarm Mute / Mode Selection
  • Hour Set
  • Minutes Set
SPDT Slider is use to select “Clock Run” and “Alarm Setup” modes.

This system use following chips for its operation,

  • 4060 – Act as an oscillator and divider
  • 4027 – Toggle clock single and to control 1Hz clock pulse.
  • 4017 – Divide by 10 counter
  • PIC16F73 – Main control system
  • 7805 - +5V regulator

Microcontroller is programmed using MPASM and it is the most critical part of the implementation. (I spend 1 week for this)

I got seven segment display module from old satellite receiver and to build the entire system I spend Sri Lankan Rs. 500.00.

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