Friday, June 20, 2008

Notable 3D Game Engines – Part1

This series contains list of game engines explore by me during the implementation of our STF game engine,

Panda3D – Open source game engine (use BSD license) mainly based on C++ and Python. Engine is smart and has narrow learning curve. We got most of the ideas to our project from this game engine.

Torque Game Engine – One of the best and full featured game engine. I try to select this engine for our game “Special Task Force” but it is not success because of the license problem. (STF is an open source game project, so we need to release all the source codes with it, but TGE license may not allow this.) Compared with other commercial game engines TGE is low cost 3D game engine (US$150 per programmer) but it had some wider learning curve.

FPS Creator – Product from “the game creators”. Using FPSC anyone can create FPS (First Person Shooter) game without any coding. FPSC have drag and drop environment to create games but I notice several bugs in the system. One of the Sri Lankan computer game “TOPIGALA” is build using this software package. FPSC is developed using Dark Basic and al the source codes are available in FPSC Home page. (But do not try to build this game engine using released source code, if you build FPSC from released source code then some of the features like bots collection detection may not work properly, to work them properly you need to install several add-ons to Dark Basic compiler)

Genesis3D – Another 3D Game engine for Windows platform, it similar to Doom Engine. There are several game titles are available with this game engine and most notable one is “Special Force from Lebanon based paramilitary group”. The engine is fairly OK but it had some wider learning curve. This game engine is free and source code is available to download.

Truevision 3D – TV3D is one of the excellent game engine I have seen. TV3D is easy to learn and support for Delphi, C++, VB, C# and VB.NET. TV3D SDK is available to download and the engine is well documented. PlanetX is a suitable world editor for this engine and it is released as a commercial product.
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