Thursday, March 4, 2010

8 pin 2 digit seven segment display driver

This is a simple microcontroller base implementation to drive 2 digit 8 pin seven segment display (SSD) unit. For this implementation we use Microchip’s PIC16F84A – 8bit microcontroller unit and Proton+ PICBASIC compiler. Compared with other SSD units this SSD unit needs special algorithm to drive it. Some of the logical procedures to drive this SSD unit are illustrated in below,

This illustration is valid only for single digit of target SSD unit and it can easily expand to 2 digits by activating pin no 5 and 6 with appropriate inputs.

In attached design we use PIC16F84A MCU with 4 × 2SC945 general purpose NPN transistors to drive this TOD-4201LR SSD unit. This proposed system is design to work with +5V DC power supply and may not need any additional data source.

Supplied software for this project is for demonstration purposes only and it perform counting from 0 to 99 and then reset back to 0. To generate the output user need to assign required number to the value variable and make jump to the show_num section of code. According to the given lookup table this software may be able to generate digits from 0 to 9 and “E”, “-“ and “.” symbols.

All the source codes and schematic diagram of this project is available to download at google drive
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