Sunday, March 28, 2010

Electronic Number Panel

In this design we present an electronic number display panel using low cost and low power electronic components. This proposed design is mainly based on CD4510 - CMOS up/down counter and SN74LS47 - BCD-to-Seven-Segment Decoder/Driver. With the existing configuration, this counter may be able to count (up/down) from 00 to 99 and it can easily extend to more digits by setting up additional CD4510 and SN74LS47 chip pairs.

Current system is also equipped with the beeper (which based around NE555 timer IC) to indicate the increment or decrement of the count.

This system is design to work with DC 9V – 12V (500mA) power supply and at the time of testing we use 10V (2.5A) DC power source to check this system. This proposed system contain 7805 regulator and it is necessary to apply suitable heat-sink to this regulator.

In this project, we design PCB using double sided PCB and make dimensions and shapes according to the existing enclosure of old electronic number panel system. It is not necessary to follow it, as it is.

The complete schematic diagram and PCB pattern is available to download at google drive.
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