Friday, July 20, 2012

LiteASM - Light Weight & Customizable Assembly Compiler & Virtual Machine

LiteASM is a Light weight and reconfigurable Assembly language compiler and Virtual Machine.
It is design to fulfill the following core requirements:
  • As a scripting interface for embedded systems.
  • As a cross platform scripting interface.
  • As a experimental tool for compiler construction.
LiteASM compiler is design with minimum static instruction set. Its dynamic instruction set can be easily extend using compilers configuration files. LiteASM compiler generate fixed length binary output file and it can execute on LiteASM Virtual Machine Simulator (litevm) or on top of platform specific virtual machine. Virtually LiteASM Virtual Machines can execute on any 8bit to 64bit CPU/MCU/DSP platform.

8bit version of Fibonacci series demo on LiteASM Virtual Machine Simulator

LiteASM compiler and Virtual Machine simulator are distribute as a free and open source software (under the terms of GNU GPL version 3.0) and available for both Windows and Linux operating systems. This LiteASM project is still in development and research stages and anyone can contibute to it through

Latest version of LiteASM compiler,  virtual machines, simulators and source codes are available to download at LiteASM – home page.

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