Sunday, July 29, 2012

TENMA 72-9390 Pen Style Multimeter

TENMA 72-9390 meter is a cool pen style multimeter. It feels right in the hand and incredibly simple to use, and accurate as professional multimeter.

The meter is 181mm long, and comes with a single (negative) test lead, 3V Li-MnO2 button cell, and instruction leaflet.

TENMA 72-9390 Pen Style Multimeter

TENMA 72-9390 is 3000 counts, true RMS, pen style multimeter with following core features:

  • Check continuity, AC/DC voltages (up to 300V), resistance (up to 30 MΩ), diode and capacitance (between 0.001nF to 3mF).
  • Sleep mode
  • Digital mode selection with audible feedback
  • Automatic ranging
  • Data hold, Max/Min mode selection
  • Sharp display backlight and test lead LED (for input terminal) to work in poorly lit areas
  • CATIII 300V safety rated
This meter keeps the digital display is in your hand and eyesight. This makes for easy reading of the display and one handed access to the function keys. The function key layout of this meter is simple and solid. Because of that you can easily familiarize with this meter within a short amount of time. 

I test this meter reading with Sanwa PC20 multimeter and GW-Instek GDM8034 bench multimeter, and it gives exact readings as above professional multimeters.

As a summery this is a very impressive pen style multimeter. It is easy to use, lightweight (90.2g with battery) and higher quality than its rated price. I like to highly recommended TENMA 72-9390 (especially) for electronic troubleshooting works.

This multimeter is available at element14 (formerly Farnell) and I got it from element14 Singapore within 1½ days. Complete technical specifications of this multimeter are available in here.
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