AVR High Voltage Programmer 2

AVR-HV2 is Arduino based high voltage parallel programmer for AVR microcontrollers. This programmer can read, write, and erase both flash memory and EEPROM. Also, this can use to set fuse bits of AVR MCUs. Compare with the previous version of AVR HVPP, this design is based on commonly available components with a simple schematic. In this release driver software is also rewritten to provide cross-platform support.

AVR-HV2 shield with Arduino Mega 2560 board.

AVR-HV2 programmer is designed as an Arduino Mega shield. Dimensions of the AVR-HV2 are similar to the Arduino Mega board. It can be powered using a power source connected to the Arduino Mega board. The suggested power source for this programmer is a 12V 1A DC power adapter.

The control software of this programmer is design to work on both Windows and Linux operating systems. It supports the import and export of memory data in the Intel hex file format. The communication link between the programmer and the control software is established through the USB port.

Bottom side of the AVR-HV2 shield.

The current firmware and control software of this programmer supports most of the generally available AVR MCUs which including ATmega8, ATmega328, ATmega32, ATmega16, etc. The AVR MCUs with extended addressing modes are currently not supported.

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Linux version of AVR-HV2 driver software.

This is an open-source hardware project. All the design files, documentation, firmware source code and compiled binaries are available to download at the project source repository.