Friday, March 11, 2016

Mullard 3-3 Amplifier Project (Part 3)

This is quick (and final) post regarding our Mullard 3-3 audio amplifier project.

In last few months we got several e-mails regarding this project and most of the people are asking for modified schematic related to this project. The schematic of our amplifier is available to download in here. Please note that this schematic is heavily based on original Mullard 3-3 amplifier design and main component which we replace in that original schematic is it's tube base power supply unit.

As a final step of this project we construct wooden enclosure for that amplifier and attached it to 10 inch (8Ω) full range speaker. High resolution photographs of our amplifier is available in here.

Final view of Mullard 3-3 audio power amplifier

As a conclusion this Mullard 3-3 audio power amplifier is high quality low power tube amplifier with minimum complexity. We really impressed with it's audio quality and overall performance.
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